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Our data-driven digital media platform leverages precision targeting to deliver measurable results and a competitive advantage. Stop sinking, and start winning.

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Who We Are

We are 3BG – a full-service strategic digital marketing platform with a proven formula to activate audiences and convert customers.

Big Data. Bold Content. Better Performance. Three core components essential to our chemical makeup – a formula that combines a proprietary data survey research and targeting analytics system with compelling content strategy, increasing global reach through social and digital channels.

Our Capabilities

Marketing and Digital Strategy

A successful campaign starts with strategy, enabling the right technology and tools to deliver engaging experiences to your audience while fulfilling your core business objectives.


Without compelling content, even the best marketing strategy can fall flat. We leverage data to craft creative for customer-facing digital experiences that elevate brands, engage customers, and drive conversions.


Branding is at the heart of every campaign we build – consumer awareness, issue-based advocacy, customer acquisition, and even product sales. Our content is in a relentless pursuit to influence sentiment and drive action.

Data Intelligence

It's the foundation of our digital media platform and a key ingredient in our business formula. With insight from big data we develop actionable strategies to predict and enable desired business outcomes.

Social Media

The importance of social marketing cannot be understated. There is no substitute for the ability to reach out and communicate at a personal level with your target audience – leveraging social channels with a compelling digital experience can propel any campaign.


Digital campaigns often begin and end with data. Our real-time analytics dashboards enable our teams to continue to optimize the digital experience for maximum results, as well as provide our clients with the tools to make more informed business decisions.


It’s more than just code. With advanced proficiency in both UX and responsive design, our development team delivers effective digital experiences across all devices. Laser focused on analytics, our testing and optimization protocol drives creative execution and campaign performance.

Video Production

There is no better way to tell a story than with video. Whether it’s on location, or in our newly renovated studio, we have an experienced, in-house team of producers and editors to handle production from start to finish.

Media Buying

Fully immersed in every digital strategy, our media buying teams are focused on leveraging data to target audiences with pinpoint accuracy. We ensure the right creative resonates with the right audience, driving conversions with a spend so effective, it rivals the equivalent of a TV spend ten times greater.

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Our Work

Why 3BG

Big Data

Our platform is driven by a proprietary data survey research and targeting analytics system, which means your digital program is built with intelligence you can't access anywhere else. With better data, your advertising spend goes further, converts more customers, and increases your return on investment.

Bold Content

Content is king. Without great content, even the best data-driven marketing strategy will not work. 3BG has a team of creative strategists with years of experience developing compelling content — outside of the box. We'll tell your story in a way that engages customers, influences sentiment, and drives action that gets results.

Better Performance

When all of the ingredients of our formula work together, the platform targets the right audience with the right content and leverages machine-scale optimization to deliver measurable results that meet your unique business objectives and provide you with a competitive edge.

Our Footprint

3BG has developed and executed successful digital programs throughout the world. We have helped our clients gain a competitive advantage across four continents, including North AmericaSouth AmericaEurope, and Australia — a global footprint made possible by a formula that works.

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